What I actually do

I use either personal images sent to me by customers or images that I have selected from professional photographers to create highly personalised artworks.

Once I receive your photos, I review the image and begin the design process to determine how your photo will look in my art medium.

Once I have completed the design process then my true fun begins - the birth of a new piece.

If I have any doubts about how ecstatic you will be to receive your new piece I will contact you and potentially send you a mock-up of what the image will look like to ensure that you are 100% happy.

Once all of the technical processes are out of the way I begin the finishing touches to make sure that your artwork is the very best artwork that it can be.
In order to do this I make sure that my time is spent sanding, filing painting & engraving your beautiful piece.
Once the finishing touches are in place it's time to head to the wrapping station where your precious cargo is given the opportunity to remain precious cargo with the very best in padding & wrapping.
Once it's all wrapped up then it's on to the courier for delivery to your preferred delivery address. Alternatively, if you have opted to have your artwork delivered, free of charge, in beautiful, sunny Mallorca then you get to see my pretty face as it will be delivered in-person by yours truly to your delivery address of choice.

My artworks can be found and have been displayed in high-profile hotels, courtyards, nightclubs, bars and the homes of Presidents and Celebrities alike.