About the Artist

Michel Darebny, a South African born and now Mallorca based artist, who has artworks situated around the world.

He has developed a unique technique of sculpting images into a solid medium. The image is displayed with incredible clarity without utilising any colour whatsoever, it is instead created by the reflection of light on the surface that remains and the shadows created by the area where the material has been removed.

He has created unique works for numerous high-profile clients including the late Mr Nelson Mandela and his family members. He was commissioned by the incredible Grace Hotel for the American superstar Usher and has completed an enormous installation of over 600 artworks at the exclusive Garden Court, Sandton City.

With a background in managing medium sized businesses for most of his career, Michel has decided on a change of pace and to focus on the visual arts in which he is clearly a pioneer.

When he is not completing artworks for his clients, Michel can be found riding motorcycles or in the sky with his paraglider.

Contact me for any questions relating to my art or your orders. I am happy to provide assistance with final image selection and suitability. 

Email: info@mallorcadesigns.com

Call or WhatsApp: +34 690274167


Michel Darebny